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Koni Braman

Director of Store Development

Amazon Specialty Retail

Tobi has successfully led multiple concept development projects from the initial conception phase to defining the customer experience to translating that vision into a physical environment. For anyone looking for a business partner to either launch a new concept or reinvent an existing customer experience, I would highly recommend Tobi – she will not only take your customer experience to the next level but she will save you time and money.


Lara Hansen


Starbucks Coffee Company

Tobi is a business person who does design. In retail design her approach and skill set are uniquely valuable as she both has the ability to create beautiful and inspiring places out of space AND understands the primacy of function before form. As an internal client working with Tobi on stores for both the Tazo and Teavana brands, I was consistently impressed by her ability to navigate dynamics among a not-always-in-agreement executive team by being able to both flex at times and bring them along at others. Tobi is creative and inspiring to be around, she is uniquely strong in the details of project and budget management while never losing focus on the design. If you are able to get her, your results will reflect your keen eye for hiring a thought partner and business leader as your designer.

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Diana Revkin

Managing Associate

TPG Architecture

Tobi has been a client of mine for over seven years, across two global brands and many, many successful store and cafe openings. Her style of engagement with both me and with our team exemplifies the best of what a client and consultant relationship can be, to her great credit. Tobi is a strong and grounded team leader, a great communicator, and always worked with us respectfully as partners on a joint mission. In addition to being a talented and thoughtful designer, her years of client side experience have given her an ingrained understanding of the delicate balance between design vision, programmatic requirements, and ROI.

Don't take it from us, take it from them... Successful design is all about collaboration, teamwork, and people.

At Design Well Spent Co., we put people first and that translates into great design and a meaningful experience for your brand and your customers.

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