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Our mission.

To make the world a better place – one design at a time. We create spaces where people want to be – spaces where life happens, connections are made, and experiences are memorable. We want our clients to walk away feeling like their experience with us was time, money, and Design Well Spent.


A percentage of our profits will be donated to a charity doing great things for a community, cause or the environment each year because we believe in using our gifts for good.

About us.

Design-thinking can unlock unlimited possibilities for brands when customer and human experience is the priority. At Design Well Spent Co., we start with the customer and work backwards. The customer should always include, first-and-foremost, the people shopping, eating or staying in the space; but many forget to consider the people operating the store, the people maintaining and cleaning it, and the on-going support that may be triggered at a corporate-level when decisions are made without the bigger picture in mind. We pride ourselves in having a holistic, practical approach to design, and strive to think of every single person who will be utilizing the spaces we create. It doesn’t matter to us if the space looks great - if it doesn’t WORK. This is the only way to give a location it’s best opportunity to be profitable. We think about the long-term to ensure the investments we propose, hold up over time and stay looking great for years to come.  

Our services.

Whether you are a new business or an established global corporation, we can help. We offer end-to-end design services and owner representation, including but not limited to the following:

Brand / Customer Experience Consultation

Current Concept/CX Assessments

Concept Development

Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction Documents*

Construction Administration*

Fixture Design

Furniture Design

Decorative Light Fixture Design

Custom Finish Design

FF&E Sourcing / Procurement Services (order, ship, store, install)

Corporate / In-House Design Org Consultation


*Licensed Architects of Record, MEP consultants, and structural engineers will be contracted and managed by Design Well Spent Co. on behalf of the client as required.

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