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Locust Cider
First Hill, Seattle, WA

All rights reserved DWS Co.

LOCUST Cider & Brewing Co. is a great local brand with just over 10 taproom locations in 3 states (WA, CO, and TX). LOCUST approached DWS Co to evaluate their existing store portfolio and to come up with a new concept for them that would create a stronger brand presence and that could be scaled across both existing and new stores in their pipeline. DWS Co did just that. We did a store evaluation on five stores across their network and prioritized changes that would have the biggest impact on CX (customer experience) and ROI (return on investment). After pulling together existing brand assets, DWS Co created a brand new store design concept and LOCUST loved it. The new concept plays up on the fun, vibrant aspects of the brand by adding in pops of saturated color, texture, pattern and playful signage, art, and way finding. 

Photos featured above are from the first test location at First Hill in Seattle, WA.

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